An internationally accredited competition for home-grown Professionals, Amateurs and Juniors to pit themselves against the very best.

BOWL-A-RAMA has been running for 14 years

In 2017 TSE were asked to review the event plan and design, operations, and overall competition to optimise the experience and save money.

What we did

The challenge was that Bondi is a global icon; we needed to devise a plan that wouldn’t interrupt the day to day flow in the area that was safe and cost effective.

TSE brought together a team of specialists to review all aspects of the event from budgets, to ops plans, layouts, crowd control/movement, police and council reports. We created a completely new approach that enhanced the customer experience and saved the event owner money:

TSE managed and delivered the event including: sponsorship servicing and sales, event production, operations, ticketing, competition management, talent management, council and stakeholder management, broadcast.

The PR was also managed by tse with some very strong results. A mix of TV, print and digital across Channel 7, The morning Show, Today Show, SMH and Daily Telegraph which all lead to a total reach of 5,425,000 people.

- We delivered the event with no major problems within budget
- We made savings for BOWL-A-RAMA
- The event sold out
- Sponsors were happy and as a result many have signed on for next year
- Total PR reach 5,425,000